Linda McKeever has always been passionate about soup. Linda lived in New York for several years and enjoyed the wide array of different ethnics foods and became determined to bring her own special qualities of cooking to a South African audience. When Linda hosted a dinner party in August 2011 in Cape Town, and as a starter served a delicious Seafood soup with the freshest of ingredients, the response from the guests was extraordinary. Someone piped up that it was the best soup that he had tasted in the world!

Well, such a reaction needed follow up, so Linda and her partner, Christian visited the owners of The Bay Harbour Market with thermoses full of different soups to taste. The response was positive and that very next Saturday ZOOP! was open for business selling its home made wares from a tiny table within the market.
We were open! Sales climbed rapidly as our precious clients loved the taste, and today we manufacture the soup from a fully equipped kitchen next to The Bay Harbour Market in Hout Bay, South Africa.
The key to ZOOP! apart from its very glamorous and highly talented chef, lies in the high quality of its ingredients. Only the best are used. The best onions, the best tomatos, the best ginger etc. No additives of any kind, no flour and only freshly made stock is permitted. Linda’s ambition IS to make the very best soup in the world and some would say she is there already!
Why don’t you try for yourself? You can buy the soup from ZOOP! at The Bay Harbour Market, shop for it online, or call us and we will deliver straight to your doorstep.
Gone on Holiday!

We’ve decided to take a much needed holiday and therefore will not be accepting orders online until the 5th of January 2017. But do not fear! We’ll still be serving all of your favourites through the festive season at The Bay Harbour Market!